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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The Fear Of Victory
by Cordeiro
There isn’t a good way to say this and I’ve never been really good at nuance so I’m just going to say it. There are those in this country who have a deep seeded fear that America just might find a way to achieve a military victory over the Islamofascist Murdering Thug Caucus in Iraq. In their view, this is the worst possible outcome because it goes contrary to a world view they have held since the end of the Vietnam War – a world view that paints any American success as a failure for the rest of the world.

In order for these people to feel good about themselves, America must fail or – even better – be humiliated and defeated by a numerically and ideologically inferior enemy. For the better part of the last year, the MSM has willing ignored positive information coming out of Iraq and obfuscated what information they did see fit to publish. Recently, the New Republic saw fit to publish a fire breathing account of outlandish behavior by American troops. While it may have been written by an active-duty soldier, it took all of about eight seconds for anyone with a brain stem to poke so many holes in his story it can’t even be used to strain spaghetti. Never mind the fact the enemy is made up of guys willing to strap C-4 to their chests and blow up soccer matches – people on this side of the globe are willing to believe even the most outlandish claims about US soldiers. Why? Its an accepted part of the left-wing playbook thanks to John “Lurch” Kerry and his “Winter Soldier” fantasy.

The left is so intent on losing the Iraq War – and by proxy the Global War on Terror – they are indignant to the point of embarrassing behavior whenever somebody with actual knowledge dares to challenge their defeatist world view. Case and point is Kansas freshman Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. So upset was Nancy at a briefing given by retired General Jack Keane – where he dared to express optimism about Iraq’s improving security conditions – that she got up and stormed out of the briefing room. For the record, General Keane is a top adviser to General Petraeus. Though retired, I feel confident in saying Keane has forgotten more about Iraq than Nancy Boyda will ever learn.

What did General Keane say that so infuriated the freshman Kansan? Well, since you asked:
Almost all of the Iraqis I have spoken to -- and there are hundreds across the full socioeconomic spectrum, including Sunnis and Shiites -- almost to a person believe that security has improved and we do not want the Americans and the Iraqi forces to leave.
To which Boyda responded - after General Keane had left the room:
Those kinds of comments will, in fact, show up in the media and further divide this country.
Yes, Congresswoman, these kind of comments will further divide this country. They will turn more people against your defeatist worldview and maybe, just maybe the American people will realize this isn’t a war we have to lose.

There is a lot of good news coming out of Iraq lately. Even people who were harshly critical of W’s handling of Iraq over the past three years believe this is a war America just might win. This possibility scares the hell out of people like Dusty Harry, The Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Hillary Clinton, Mad Jack Murtha and the rest of the “Lose At All Costs” Congressional Jackass Caucus. If America wins, they lose. That’s a strategy I just don’t understand.

When given the resources, support, and time required, the Armed Forces of the United States will always prevail in any conflict in any theater. The only way they can be defeated is if the Congress cuts their legs out from beneath them and orders them to come home before their mission is complete.

War, by its very definition, is an uncontrollable beast. As John Cougar Mellencamp once crooned, “there are winners and there’s losers” and there are consequences for both parties. Most people understand that winning is much more preferable than losing. Evidently the Congressional Jackass Caucus and the better part of the MSM never learned that lesson.

This isn’t dodge ball and the consequences of losing in Iraq far outweigh any benefit that could be construed from a loss. If you read people like Michael Yon, you just might come to the conclusion that a corner has been turned in Iraq. The battles are being won on the streets of Baghdad and throughout Iraq. America cannot afford for the war to be lost in the halls of Congress.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Intrepid readers, as soon as someone starts the name calling you are immediately alerted that they don't really have a cogent argument.

John "Lurch" Kerry. Jack "Lose At All Costs" Murtha. That so makes me want to continue to read Mr. Cordeiro's well-reasoned and rational essays. Grow up already.

Reading the links here, such as on the Winter Soldier proves interesting. I guess Mr. Cordeiro is against patriots that actually serve their country during a war who return home and use their Constitutional right to free-speech to disagree with the very war they fought in? Ha. The jokes on them, right? Dubya, who didn't take his final pilot's test after the tax-payers spent millions teaching him how to fly combat jets that he had no intention of flying into combat, is some-how deserving of high respect and utmost deference while Jack Murtha and John Kerry who actually served their countries are personally ridiculed and derided; just because Mr. Cordeiro disagrees with them. I call that spitting in the face of the military, trampling the flag, and not supporting the troops--that neo-con 3-word rule phrase that always alerts the astute person that BS is about to follow. That really makes Mr. Cordeiro look sad.

Intrepid readers, Mr. Cordeiro has to act like a 5th grader rather than rationally elucidating his stance with a detailed and reasoned essay which explores what he knows are weaknesses in his argument and tries to actually convince you with logic that he is correct.

What derogatory term could the public apply to you Mr. Cordeiro? You should propose one for your readers since you are so good at it; maybe we could get a little laugh at your personal expense too?
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