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Friday, September 21, 2007
Facing Life...Before Death
by Cordeiro
There a few certainties in this existence we call life. One of those certainties is the fact we all eventually will die. Nobody likes to dwell on this fact because – for most of us – death is a pretty depressing subject.

How we deal with life is just as important as how we deal with death. Few people actually know when it is their time here upon this Earth will end. One of those people is Carnegie Mellon University Professor Randy Pausch. He participated a lecture series based on the concept of asking professor types to give a speech of what they would want to include in their very last lecture. Personally I think that’s a pretty novel concept and a lecture series I’d be sure to attend.

For Professor Pausch, a Computer Science teacher, the venue is an ironic one. You see, Pausch suffers from – and will shortly succumb to – pancreatic cancer. In this short snippet from his lecture (thanks to Dean for the link) he gives some unique and inspiring thoughts on life and the importance of living those dreams you had in childhood.

Here’s a link to the full lecture. Though I haven’t had time yet to see the whole thing, I’m sure it’s as inspiring as the excerpt.

Randy Pausch is proof that how you deal with challenges – even fatal ones – is very much a choice of attitude.

Godspeed, Randy. The world will be a smaller place without you – and your imagination.

Here endeth the lesson.
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