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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Huckabee: My Campain Is Not Dead!
by Cordeiro

File this one under, Duh!


For those of you still paying attention to the Republican primary race, former Arkansas Governor Mike "It's All About Me" Huckabee is still running for President.  As I've stated before, he has as much chance of sitting in the Big Chair as Rosie O'Donnell has of becoming the next Miss America.


Never the less, Huck plods on.  Today he freely admitted he might be killing his political career by dragging the primary season on with endless references to a possible "brokered convention" in St. Paul.  Somebody should really inform Huck that his political career ended roughly a week after Mitt Romney graciously pulled out of the primary contest.  Right now he serves little purpose other than to be a punch line to a lame joke.


Huck made the mistake today of comparing himself to this blog's patron saint Ronaldus Magnus and his 1976 run for the Oval.  There's a big difference between Reagan's '76 run and Huck's 2008 plod.  Reagan came within a hair's breath of winning.  Huck will be little more than an annoying side show if he manages to keep his campaign afloat all the way to St. Paul.  As he's paying Ed Rollins $20K a month to run his campaign into the ground, there's no guarantee he'll last that long.  Romney knew when to fold.  Huck never got that memo.  He was too busy playing bass guitar.


Mr. Huckabee, I'm a student of Ronald Reagan.  I've read what he wrote, I've listened to his speeches.  I can quote you chapter and verse about what he managed to accomplish during his presidency and other aspects of his life.  In short, I know Ronald Reagan, sir.  Ronald Reagan is a hero of mine.  You, sir, are no Ronald Reagan.


Here endeth the lesson.

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