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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Reason #2,294 Why Article VI Is A Great Blog
by Cordeiro
Those still paying attention to the Republican Primary race are no doubt familiar with the great work of John Schroeder and Lowell "Hedgehog" Brown over at Article VI Blog.  Their work is based on the constitutional proposition that religion should play no qualifying role for public office.  If you thought there was no religious issues in the 2008 campaign, John and Lowell will set you straight.
SOTR readers are obviously aware there is no love lost between us and the former Arkansas governor Mike "It's All About Me" Huckabee.  The fact of the matter is he's got no chance of winning the Republican nomination and in fact has been mathematically eliminated from every presidential contest until the turn of this century.  Mike is in this race for vanity's sake and little else.
Huck went on Saturday Night Live last Saturday for yet another few seconds of his rapidly diminishing fifteen minutes.  Yes, he was funny.  That's all I really had to say about that until I read Schroeder's latest post.  John very delicately defined Huck in terms I can only profess in one word - magnificent.  Said John:
Obviously, Mike is having fun attracting attention to himself. There seems to be little else at play here. Huckabee has never clearly enunciated a strategy, a desire, or a motivation. In fact, those things seem to be constantly shifting in a direction dictated by what will attract the most attention to him. He is rapidly becoming the political equivalent of Brittany Spears - and as the political press is paying less and less attention (it ought to be even less than it is), the paparazzi seems more than willing to pick up the slack, and I am not at all sure Huckabee can tell the difference. Or perhaps he does not care about it.

The man has claimed divine intervention on his behalf, something he even did humorously in the SNL appearance, and he has mocked other religions. But when it suited the public mood in the locale he was working, he dropped all religious mention and played the class card, or used some other tactic - whatever got him attention.

Now, the world is full of people who want attention. Being one of them does not make Mike Huckabee unique or special. There have even been other presidential candidates with such selfish motivations, but never has a candidate pushed it this far, and on these bases. Not only has Mike Huckabee soiled the political environment, something that happens in every election cycle, but he has soiled the religious environment as well, and that is problematic. (Emphasis Added)

Well said.  I can only hope Huck reads Article VI and takes a long, sober look at himself and his sorry excuse for a campaign.  I doubt he will.  He's probably too busy reading and believing his own press.
Here endeth the lesson.

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