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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Susan Estrich Issues Mea Maxima Culpa For Eliot Spitzer
by Cordeiro

Here's one for the Six Degrees of Separation crowd.  When you sit and wonder exactly how soon to be former New York "Luv" Governor Eliot Spitzer could have possibly gone so far off the legal reservation in his pursuit of high priced call girls, you can only question where exactly he got his legal education.


The answer to that question is, of course, Harvard Law.  Today, his criminal law professor issued a mea maxima culpa regarding her instruction of her former law student.  This guilt stricken professor is none other than Susan Estrich – now a USC law professor and left leaning Fox News Contributor.


Yes, Susan, Eliot Spitzer just might have missed that class you taught about how crossing state lines and using telephones magically transforms what would normally be a local matter into one involving the unlimited resources and reach of the federal law enforcement apparatus.  He did, in fact, take a whole bunch of stupid pills and wash them down with a naïve chaser.


Unlike Susan Estrich, I don't feel sorry for Eliot Spitzer.  I do feel sorry for his wife and three children.  It is they who have to live with the arrogant hypocritical idiot who rode a white horse by day but slummed in the gutters by night with the same people he prosecuted for crimes he himself committed.  Hopefully his family will outlive his shame.


As for Spitzer himself, he's stupid.  Some things you just can't fix.


Here endeth the lesson.

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