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Monday, March 10, 2008
Time To Stop Breathing?
by Cordeiro

Well, maybe not cease respiration entirely.  I'm sure we could start buying carbon credits to cover the CO2 emissions we create simply by breathing.  Maybe we could breathe in shifts.


The Chicken Little Environmentalist Caucus has produced yet another "study" on global warming – a theory to which I won't even grand capital letters – warning of imminent global disasters of biblical proportion if all carbon emissions are not ceased immediately.  Okay, maybe not immediately – but at least by "mid-century".


I won't get into the science behind the gloom and doom predictions of the assembled scientists – mostly because the article doesn't go into the details.  The author simply refers to "advanced computer models" which spit out data which said scientists boil down to a simple message:


The world must bring carbon emissions down to near zero to keep temperatures from rising further.


This coming from the same scientists which have thus far been unable to write "advanced computer models" able to accurately predict - let alone influence – the weekly weather for my zip code.  Despite that inability, these scientists insist their modeling software will accurately predict the climate and average temperature of the planet well into the year 2300.


There are lies.  There are damn lies.  Then there are statistics.  The problem with statistical models is the fact the forecasts they produce rely entirely upon the data they're given to work with.  In short, it's a GIGO (Garbage In = Garbage Out).  You've heard of Outcome Based Education?  Well, in my opinion, this is Outcome Based Science.  This is what happens when researchers begin their experiment – or study – having already reached their conclusion.  They then "interpret" the study's findings in such a way as to support their pre-determined conclusion.


My high-school Biology teacher wouldn't have accepted this type of science project and neither will I.  As long as the Global Warming crowd continues to berate me for my Ford Mustang's carbon footprint whilst gallivanting around the world in Gulfstream V jets and pimped out Cadillac Escalades, I'm going to keep on ignoring their Chicken Little escapades.


And, for the record, I intend to keep on breathing.


Here endeth the lesson.
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