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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Give This Kid A Medal
by Cordeiro
Check out this Washington Post story about the heroic actions of a 12 year old boy in defense of his mother.  The mother was being attacked as the boy sat playing video games in another room after he had finished his homework.  According to the reporter's interview with the mother and son, a man attempted to strangle the mother with his bare hands and refused to stop even after repeated pleadings from her son.
The boy could have just kept screaming at his mother's attacker - most likely to no avail - but instead he took the only action left to him to save his mother's life.  He found the knife most recently used to carve the family's Thanksgiving turkey and turned it on his mother's attacker.  He struck the man in the neck with a fatal blow.  His mother lived.  Her attacker died.
True to the liberal slant of the Washington Post, the article spends a great deal of time reviewing the legal precedents of the case and wondering whether or not the boy will be prosecuted for his actions.  I can't think of a District Attorney in his or her right mind that would even think of bringing charges, let alone trying to take this case to trial.  The boy is a hero and should be treated as such.  His mother was in mortal danger and he saved her life.  What more can be expected of a son when his mother's life is in danger?
Well done, young Master Stamp.  Would that my son would do the same in your circumstance.
Here endeth the lesson.

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