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Monday, June 02, 2008
E Tu, Scottie?
by Cordeiro

E Tu Scottie?


The egg timer continues to countdown to Scott McClellan's return from the relative obscurity from whence he arose.  This weekend he made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows in an effort to sell his book before it becomes fish wrap.


Interviewed by NBC's Tim Russert, McClellan pulled no punches in his harsh critique of W and his Administration – especially on the leftist's favorite club with which to beat the White House – that being the non-scandal bearing the name of Valerie Plame.


According to McClellan, Karl "Sith Lord" Rove should've been canned because he was behind the leaking of Plame's name to Robert Novak.  Rove was behind it all, in the warped reality in which McClellan lived.  Every conversation Rove had with anyone – including the White House grounds crew – was centered on discrediting Joe Wilson by revealing to the world that his wife worked at Langley.


There's only one problem with McClellan's logic – or lack there of.  Novak didn't get Plame's name from Rove.  This fact is not in dispute.  Novak got the name from former deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.  To be entirely candid, nobody was ever charged with a crime in the Plame affair – despite media reports to the contrary.  Scooter Libby was tried and convicted basically of being stupid – lying to a federal investigator.  That's a process crime and would not have happened had there been no investigation.


Nice try Scottie.  Swing and a miss.  Most of us figured this out years ago.


Last week I wrote about McClellan having "gone native" in the DC beltway culture.  Evidently I'm not alone in my assessment.  His former deputy, Trent Duffy, wrote a scathing open letter in today's Washington Post.  Evidently McClellan no longer answers the phone or responds to email unless it comes from the MSM.  Duffy has some questions for his former boss.  Here are the best graphs:


All that aside, the revelations that you are "intrigued by Senator Obama's message" and that you don't know if you are a Republican anymore make me wonder if you ever had any convictions. If you were just drinking the Kool-Aid at the White House, have you now switched flavors with your newfound friends?


Perhaps you have had an epiphany. Maybe it is better to appease terrorists and let them fight us here instead of taking them on overseas. Maybe we should return our public education system to factories of mediocrity run by teachers unions instead of demanding and delivering educational excellence for our children. Maybe we should let the government ration health care and get between us and our doctors. And maybe we should raise taxes, punish individual enterprise and destroy the incentive for hard work to pay for more government programs.


Think about it. You may not be able to now, since you have conceded your inability to think clearly and independently inside a bubble atmosphere, be it at the White House or while on a media-frenzy book tour.


But do it anyway. On your own, without a publisher around. And let me know what you figure out.  (Emphasis added)


Well said, Mr. Duffy.  Don't hold your breath waiting for a response from your former boss though.


Here endeth the lesson.

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