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Saturday, September 20, 2008
SlowJoe Biden: Patriotism Is All About The Benjamins
by Cordeiro
SlowJoe Biden, who many people have already forgotten is Obama’s choice for VP, has a new yardstick for patriotism. It isn’t respect for the flag, the ability to recite the pledge of allegiance or sing the national anthem. Biden’s standard for whether or not you love this great nation is all about the Benjamins. Actually, it’s all about the Benjamins you send in to Uncle Sam each year on April 15.

According to SlowJoe, the more you pay in taxes, the more patriotic you are – especially if you make over 245 large in a given year.

As of this writing, I have yet to cross the arbitrary Obama-Biden “rich” threshold of 245 large. Actually, I’m well short of that line, but it is one I hope to someday cross. I consider myself a Patriotic American even though I take and maximize every single tax deduction to which I am legally entitled. I’ve even enlisted Turbotax which made me aware of several deductions which I had not taken advantage of previously.

In short, I pay as little to Uncle Sam annually as I legally and possibly can. You see, I’ve got this strange notion that myself and the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro are better qualified to decide how exactly to spend or invest our hard earned cash than is SlowJoe Biden or even (gasp) the infinitely wise and learned Obamessiah.

SlowJoe doubled down on this issue yesterday, invoking not only the “patriotism” incentive for higher taxes, but also including an ecclesiastical reason as well:
Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most.
Pardon me, Joe. I’m not nearly the scriptural theologian you are, but I can’t seem to remember any scriptural requirement for government to soak the rich to “take care of people”. I seem to remember something about “rendering unto Cesear that which is Ceaser’s”, but that’s as far as it went. Simply put, that "social doctrine" you were taught dealt with what you do with your own money, not with the money you collect at the point of a gun from others. We've already seen your priorities with your own pile of cash.

If Obama and SlowJoe want more of my money, they’re going to have to prove to me that my life and my family will be better off with them taking my money than it would be with me keeping it. Simply put, Barry and Joe, the ROI (Return On Investment) numbers don’t support that.
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I can not even begin to agree with you more. You see, Mr. Biden and the boys in blue (pronounced Poison Blue) seem to have this overly imaginative belief that you and I need to pay to support those that do not want to support themselves. We also need to "bail out" investors who gambled on the mortgage turnover. I do not believe that my hard earned money should be used to pay for someone inadequate spending and gambling to cover their claim after they go bankrupt!

I proudly support:
McCain / Palin 2008
Your greed is only trumpted by your party's greed. as in last nights pork to a bill that was supposed to be strictly for this frigging bailout. Another thing get over the predictions of the up coming election, and live with the fact the rest of us are tired of your party's inability to put them old DEMOCRATS in their place you have had 8 years to do it. This goes to show you your parties inability to LEAD. What a joke. There will be one thing about this bill that will happen and that is that we will all be together, together in a damn bankruptcy court. Thank's again for the last 8 it has been an eye opener!!!
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