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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Slick marketing won't change reality
by Cordeiro
Terrorists will not be less dangerous by being contextualized in a matrix of threats that includes climate change and global poverty, or because they will be mollified by Mr. Obama's middle name. Nor will Iran be deterred from developing nuclear weapons because a President Obama will restore faith in "brand America." - Bret Stephens, WSJ Editorial 5 November 2008
Well said, Mr. Stephens.

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Yes, well, this whole campaign has been a marketing wonder: the Obama camp truly knew branding.

They'll find it difficult to keep control on the brand, though, if Obama keeps making comments like he did today at the press conference (joke about Nancy Reagan fell with a thud).

Even the liberal illuminati in the mainstream media will have trouble ignoring those kinds of gaffes.

I think Mr. Obama's intelligence briefing hopefully has shown him that he can't just "inspire" rogue nations to behave well.
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