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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
If nothing happens in Vegas, do they still need an $8 billion train?
by Cordeiro

In yet another example of the Law of Consequences (unintended or otherwise), the pronouncements of the President of the United States have wrought havoc upon the very people who looked to said President as a beacon of hope and change. Well, they're getting change – just not the change they hoped for.


On February 11, 2009, Obama saw fit to lecture the big bad banks and similar industries with the following declaration:


You can't take a trip to Las Vegas or down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayers' dime.


Well, the taxpayer's dime has found it's way into many different banks, companies, and industries and evidently decision makers have taken the President's counsel to heart. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, some 340 events originally scheduled to take place in Vegas have been cancelled – costing the city about $131.6 million in lost revenue.


To be fair and somewhat balanced, some of these events may have been on the chopping block anyway simply because of the economy. Having said that, I submit that a majority of these events were simply moved to other – more acceptable – venues which would not draw the ire of the chattering class. Bear in mind, dear reader, that moving these events to other cities most likely increased the cost to the companies far and above the cost of doing business in Vegas – gambling losses notwithstanding.


So, here we find two major consequences of Obama's blackballing of Las Vegas. First off he's increased the cost of doing business to the very companies he just bailed out. Add that to the fact that blackballing the travel and tourism business from which Vegas draws its very life's blood will end up cratering an already depressed local economy and you pretty much have a perfect storm of economic disaster.


I guess the only good thing to come from a decline in Las Vegas is that there won't be much reason to spend that $8 billion on the high speed Maglev  train linking Disneyland and the Las Vegas strip. I guess Senate Majority Leader Dusty Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus) won't get to play Casey Jones after all.


Here endeth the lesson.

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Obama singled out Las Vegas, no other cities or destinations, in rebuking businesses for having meetings. Now large companies don't dare schedule meetings in Las Vegas right now because image is very important for large companies, and they do not want to be perceived as spending money foolishly, and the President of the United States said that it was bad for companies to do business in Las Vegas if they are receiving money from the government, and that means that he must think that having meetings in Las Vegas is excessive and bad for All companies and is a waste of money for companies, and corporations do not want their shareholders thinking that they are spending money excessively or foolishly. He is not man enough to correct his statement, which was wrong and harmful and needs a correction, and it is time for Americans and Las Vegans to quit giving Obama breaks. If Bush had said the same thing, every newspaper and writer and politician in Las Vegas would be demanding a retraction by the President. Obama has never had a real job and is not acting like he cares about employees in Las Vegas who he is hurting with his careless statement. I am not against Obama and I do not want him to fail, but it would be nice if it was reciprocal. I think that what he is doing for the American economy is better than Bushomics, but that does not do any good for Las Vegas if Obama says things that destroy the Las Vegas economy. He could make a statement today himself that would retract his mistaken perceptions about business in Las Vegas.
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